Veritable Poppy Project

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St. Lambertus Gilde

Werkgroep Jeugd 4ingen Milsbeek

Fanfare Crescendo

parochie Milsbeek

In 2020 we celebrate 75 years of freedom. Operation Veritable started on 8 February 1945 and the municipality of Gennep was liberated.


220 fallen soldiers are buried in the cemeteries in Milsbeek, Ottersum and Gennep. To commemorate them in a special way, the Veritable Poppy Project was initiated.


On the 2 November 2019, 220 ceramic poppies will be made. The poppies are made by Daantje Kip and Bianca van Dreumel and residents of Municipality of Gennep who would like to make and donate a poppy. When the poppies have hardened, they are baked and glazed red. They are made personal by providing the poppies with a pin and name tag.


On 14 February 2020 the poppies will be planted on every military grave in Milsbeek, Ottersum and Gennep.


The poppies will remain at the grave until 5 May 2020 (Liberation day in the Netherlands) and will then be brought together as a work of art in a public place in the Municipality of Gennep.

The idea…

Inspired by the Lievelingentuin, an art project at Museum Orientalis by Daantje Kip (the creator of, I came up with the idea of ​​making personal poppies for every soldier in our municipality for the 75th anniversary.

“Lievelingen” are ceramic flowers that you can make yourself and give away. To thank someone, to commemorate, as a token of love, or to support someone.


I Am Not a Badge of Honour

Paul Hunter


I am not a badge of honour,

I am not a racist smear,

I am not a fashion statement to be worn but once a year,

I am not glorification of conflict or of war.

I am not a paper ornament or a token,

I am more.

I am a loving memory of a father or son,

A mother, a sister or daughter each and every one.

I am paper or enamel,

I am old or shining new,

I am a way of saying thank you,

To every one of you.

I am a single poppy, a reminder to you all,

That courage, faith and honour will stand where heroes fall.